Let’s see how this goes…

Hello everyone reading this not so updated blog.

So, a lot of you practically know that I am currently in Ireland. Just past a year! Woohoo! 2017 has been absolutely incredible. Although, I admit that there were a lot of bumps and bruises at the first half of my year. But all in all, I can say that it has been a very fruitful and challenging year.

I know this blog has been neglected for way too much now, but please do bear with me. I promise, once I’m done with some things, this will surely be on a roll. I miss writing, to be honest.

Now, quite frankly. I am writing this post today not to be back on track with blogging. But to challenge myself anew with my new year’s resolution. Hopefully, I would end the year with some goals! 🤣

That after 365 days, I will visit this and see if I have met what I wanted to be in 2018. So, here goes my list of 2018 resolution.

1. To finally lose weight and keep it at low. Probably with some muscle gains as well. 👌🏼💪🏼

2. Become vegetarian or in a more realistic sense, a pescetarian.

3. Say no to sugars and packed foods.

4. Slowly have small businesses.

5. Travel to more places. Especially the countries in Europe.

6. Last but definitely not the least, my other half! I think it is time!

This is too big of a list to attain. But I’m hoping, fingers crossed, that I can say the words GOAL MET!🙏🏼

We’ll see how this goes! Be back after a year! Wish me luck and have a wonderful 2018! 🎉


I’ve Been Here Six Months!

Well, going seven this 27th of July. I didn’t totally forgot to update my blog. It’s just too difficult now to type words to form sentences using my phone. Yes, I use my phone just because I left behind my laptop which I thought was very bulky. That I need to pack more clothes, which was really a bad idea. So to anyone going to Ireland, my best advice is to bring just enough clothes. You can buy cheap ones here, especially at Pennys and Tesco stores. Hell, I even bought some stuff at charity stores! 😂 Just a heads up for you guys. Pack light clothes, well I lied about my previous post! Bring a laptop if you must!

On the other side of things, I still can’t believe that it has been six months! The days went really fast! I met awesome people along the way, and more Filipinos. I just hope that my day offs were longer to explore further other exciting places to see here in Ireland. My place of work is great! Good workmates, although the start wasn’t that good. But all is well now. Fellow nurses from other countries that have been really patient with my transition. I can’t complain! Life is good!

I’m still processing my work permit though, which is a roadblock to my visa application for UK and Schengen countries. Yes, I plan to visit the sister in England and perhaps visit Eiffel and try some marijuana in the streets of Amsterdam in September! Kilig! ☺️. So Abz, I’ll see you soon!

All glory and honor is His and His alone! Thank you Lord for this. I am forever grateful and in debted to you.

Cheers to a Freshly Baked Life!

I miss everything about the Philippines 🇵🇭 The food,  the places,  and the people.  But I have to work for my family back home.

Now, I am feeling sad and happy at the same time. Sad that I am away from my place of refuge. The place that has taught me to value life and the people dear to me. Happy that I can explore new places and experience different cultures while staying here in Europe.

With what I can earn here,  I pray that the goals I have set for myself will come into fruition in just a year or two. Also, I’m ecstatic to finally be able to achieve one of my dreams- to travel the world.  I have my bucketlist waiting to be ticked off, and I’m ready to start that adventure! With enough money,  I’m sure it will definitely happen in due time.  Oh, there are lots of places I want to see! That’s why I chose to stay here in Ireland.

But before I end up daydreaming about the jetsetting adventures, let us first celebrate for a new year of chances,  opportunities,  and beginnings!

Cheers for 2017 with this Irish pride! Happy new year everyone! 😘

Christmas in Our Hearts

received_1274665485887295It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and our almost twenty years Christmas tree is up! We’ve had this tree since I was in grade school and yet it still is standing tall at eight feet. Look at the base of the tree, it’s wrapped with tape to so it stabilizes. I actually wanted to buy the tree myself from my hard earned money, back when I thought that I’ll be in Ireland in the month September. I know there are cheap ones that can be bought online, but it never did happen. I’m still here in the month of November! Still here! The family is struggling financially, so we utilized this old but extravagant tree for another holiday season. There’s always a next time! I’ll make sure that next year, I’m personally going to buy it when I’m on my vacation.

Since my schedule the another week was hectic, I wasn’t able to lend a hand in putting Christmas decorations at home. Too bad I didn’t saw the excitement on my nieces’ faces! But since my flight schedule on the 19th was canceled due to the new ruling of DOLE, which I actually discussed on another blog post that links here, I have another few days to spend with the whole fam bam. I don’t know why DOLE is ever strict on name hire applicants. They should give us hassle free transactions because our employment papers are legitimate with all the employer’s tax certificate and verified papers. They’ve been trying to make our lives a living hell, to be honest. They even turn down applicants! Well, whatever it is their reason, I hope it’s for the good of the many Filipino migrant workers, not just nurses. (more…)

POEA and DOLE Application in Getting That OEC!

dole-logoThis will be a blog update on the last processes of my overseas employment at POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Agency). And this is done only by direct hire or name hire applicants.

There is a new DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment) ruling for those who are direct hire or name hire applicants! It will take another week before your documents are approved and get your OEC. So don’t book flights just yet! The new ruling took effect last November 2, 2016.

Before I flew to POEA Manila, I underwent a medical exam from any of the POEA Accredited Clinics. I took it last October, but my blood pressure was kind of high as well as my WBC. So, I had to take some medications before going back to the clinic for the doctor’s approval.


Shopping for Some Trinkets as Pasalubong for Future Co- workers

Our agent told us to bring a little something for our future colleagues in Ireland. I was hesitant at first knowing that I have a strict guideline on where my small amount of money will go. I still have to pay for my medical examination. My luggage, half empty and still needs to be filled with clothes for the winter season. I was talking the issue with my future colleague who is also a Filipino about why the need to buy a little token of gestures for them. Well, I guess a typical Filipino mentality wouldn’t hurt (except our wallets!).

I told her that if she sees something cheap but good, then she can message me on messenger. Since we both are from Mindanao, I immediately thought of giving something very local. Two things that came to my mind are:

the inaul of the Maguindanaoansb1vseficcaacan9 (more…)